ITC 9 – Chains

As contemporary global capitalism forcibly integrates, it tightens chains and shorts circuits. In an erotic age, the fear of something else grants medical tyrannism a universal mandate to become simultaneously plate-tectonic and Platonic – in the sense of a demiurge.

Forty centuries of Phoenician reductionism gives way American intermodality; corrugated steel literally functions as Pandora’s box. Containerization complexifies chains, forcing a mind-splitting commercial breakdown one century in the making. If “techno-economic interactivity crumbles social order”, it does so by tightening chains.

Neoclassical economics, the chief concern of which is the maintenance of the slow decline, gives way to Bilderbergian agendas – by way of restraining. World Health Organizes extermination at the terminal velocity of the crunch. Disruption triggers system shocks – complexification saturates rhizomes, dampening them. ‘Root causes’ turn into root rot, destroying everything from below.

On this episode of Into the Cave, I talk about the supply chain crunch – how we got here and what can be done.

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